About me

My name is Nils Minten, I'm a Software developer based in Tilburg. Currently 25 years of age and terrible at writing about myself. For the last couple of years I've been working at Momoyoga as one of a few Developers. During most of this time I was working part-time on my Batchelor's degree, which I graduated from in October 2022. Since then I've had some more time again to work on some projects on the side which I plan to display on here.
But as you might be able to tell I'm no designer.
At this time I'm not looking for job opportunities.

Contact me

As mentioned above I'm not looking for job opportunities but if you want to contact me for anything else or you are convinced you can change my mind fill in the form to contact me or email me at nils@minten.dev

Finance management system

I'm great at spending money, saving it not so much... To help myself I spent a weekend making a system to keep track of my budgets and spending. I decided not to even look for existing systems because for me making something myself is a great motivator to actually use the thing and it was also an interesting challenge to replicate a lot of the setup we use at work.

The Application is made in Symfony PHP, with Bootstrap as the styling framework. Since that's not a great feat in and of itself I setup Webpack to compile sass to css and minimize JS when used. Really it's just an ongoing project for me to keep my spending under control.

You can see the application at finance.minten.dev.

You can find the registration page In the dropdown in the menu bar or login with the demo details:
Username: demo@demo.demo
Password: demo

If you have any feedback feel free to use the contact form.